Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion Purse Adventure

This is the latest purse I have been working on. The Fashion Bag. Once I get the purse down to a solid pattern I will publish the pattern for sale on my Etsy site. I have wanted to create a fun purse with some pockets for a cell phone, note pad, pens, keys, and other do dads that we women like to carry while not getting lost in the purse abyss. I think this purse fits the bill. This is the prototype bag but I still have some tweeks I would like to work out. I may add a magnetic flap over the top to secure the inside contents. This would mean going down to one strap and moving it to the side. Perhaps adding small inside zipper pocket for feminine items. What about an outside cellphone pocket? I would appreciate some input for fellow blog readers. What would you like to see in a purse?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New to Blogging, Not New to Crafting

My passion has always been creating beauty. Whether it is doodling on the outlines of the pages of notebook paper, turning old jam jars into works of art to hold pens and pencils, or sewing great purses and totes. I love making things beautiful! Nothing is more rewarding then when you making something. You design it, cut it out, sew it, package it, and sell it. Then it calls to someone who absolutely falls for it. They buy it because the beauty you created now fills their life and they walk away with something that has made their day. Whether they keep it for themselves or gift it to someone else. That small piece has changed someones day...just a little bit. What a great joy to be able to be a part of that.

Creating has been my outlet lately. My husband encouraged me to open an online store and sell some of my creations. With him supporting me I figured why not. So I opened a store on Etsy ( and HyenaCart ( The most challenging part of selling online is getting across your love for the products you make and how you put that into your creations. So following the advice of some talented ladies I started this blog. I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my products, and being a part of my inspiration.