Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A glass of Reisling wine sounds great right now!

These last two weeks have been interesting for me. My thyroid is acting up again. I must say I love having all this energy but the constant thudding of my heart beat in my ears isn't a good thing. Ahhh behold the lovely genetic gift from my mothers side, the Irish side. :  )  Right now, I am faced with the decision to either use radioactive iodine or surgery to remove my thyroid since this is the second relapse I have had in 3 years. My doc doesn't want to me take PTU anymore because of the risk it carries resulting in damage to the liver. I am not too keen on removing or damaging something I need to live. I am a firm believer that the more natural the body the better it can take care of itself. On the plus side, I am losing weight. Yes, it is shallow but I do try to find the positive side to everything.

Since I am kind of down about the whole Thyroid issue I think I am going to do a give away. That always makes me feel great! Look out for the announcement. I will post it this week.

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